Dark shafts are filled with body parts, organic components, bones, a whole skeleton. Shafts with the powerful presence of death are filled with form and color; they then become incubators, breeding grounds, dark sources of creation.

The shafts are formed of sign-filled strips. The sign is the skeleton, the bones, of everything that occurs. There is a long and arduous path from shaft to sign. The path isn’t a straight one; it leads step by step towards a single beam of color – to its rudiments – then back again towards an explosion of color.

These images portray not only logic and goals, but irritation and anxiety.
The steps then become more resolute. A decision is made in favor of fragility. The signs appear delicate and hesitant. The signs are the decision. They represent the certainty of our own vulnerability. Violability is the iincontrovertible constant. The awareness of our vulnerability sits upon white strips of healing.

From this quavering, astonishing insight, courage emerges.

Signs – nervous and delicate – the skeleton of all actions, are signals of tenacity; characteristics of strength and of the courage to live.

Regina Schultz-Möller, 1990
Catalog text for the exhibition OHNE PASSIERSCHEIN (Without a Permit) at the Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences.